Super Caliber Charges

Innovative Defense’s shaped charge design produces significantly larger diameter bore holes

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Explanation of Shaped Charges

Explosive with a lined cavity that focuses explosive energy and forms a high-speed jet when detonated

Initial invention: In 1888, Charles E. Munroe discovered that an explosive with a hollow cavity produced deep target cavities

Benefits of Innovative Defense Charges

Produces super caliber hole not possible with conventional charges

Super-Caliber Borehole diameter uniquely allows charges to be used in succession

Innovative Defense Super Caliber Charges

Proof of Concept Testing

On Feb 16 and 17, 2013, Innovative Defense conducted its first round of shaped charge testing. Ten experiments were conducted on prototype laboratory novel Swept conical shaped charges. These test proved that Innovative defense's Swept shaped charge design could produce a hollow cylindrical jet.

During the periods of December 9 – 17, 2013 and January 24-28, 2014 Innovative Defense conducted a second round of testing. Twenty eight shaped charge experiments were conducted on prototype laboratory Swept conical shaped charges, Swept Hemispherical shaped charges, Swept EFP shaped charges, and Axilinear shaped charges. These test proved that a Super Caliber Hole could be made with Innovative Defense's Swept and Axilinear Shaped Charge designs.

Standard Charge

Created .3" diameter hole


Innovative Defense Charge

Created 2.5" diameter hole

J55 Steel Casing - 5.5'OD - Used in oil and gas wells

Swept Conical Charge

Revolved Arc EFP Charge

Axilinear Charge

Swept Hemispherical Charge

Shaped Charge Applications

Market Application Current
Innovative Defense
Construction Demolition
Defense Anti Armor
Defense Bunker Buster
Defense Land Mines
Energy Concussive Fracking
Energy Enhanced Geothermal
Loop Completion
Energy Oil & Gas Perforation
Mining Quarrying

Shaped Charge Overview

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