Innovative Defense’s disruptive shaped charge technology is patented and represents a significant improvement over current technology.

Innovative Defense is seeking to raise capital to complete the development and commercialization of its concussive fracturing system. The capital is required to finish system level design and development, to support system level testing, and to support marketing. Ideal investors are successful, high-profile corporations and/or individuals operating in or having relationships in the applicable markets. To find out more about Our Technology or discuss a potential investment further, please Contact Us.

Proof of Concept

Tests Performed

Washington, Feb and Dec 2013

Targets: J55 steel casing, 15kpsi concrete, aluminum blocks

Data Logged

Radiographs (x-ray pictures) of jets

Target penetration depth, hole diameters, and jet velocities


Full penetration of .5” steel plates

Super Caliber Hole achieved in Steel and 15kpsi Concrete

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