Concussive Stimulation

Concussive Stimulation with Innovative Defense leads to lower expenses, greater recovery of mineral deposits, and no environmental harm.

Our system was just recently featured in E&P Magizine.

Check it out here Nonhydraulic Fracking or online here


High cost and environmental issues of hydraulic fracturing with limited returns


Super Caliber hole diameters from ID charges allow charges to be used in succession

Eliminates the need for hydraulic fracking

Able to create fractures across all formation layers and recover more mineral deposits

Able to re-stimulate dormant wells

Segmented Missile

Process Explained

Gun is locked, and centralized in main borehole

First charge fired from gun

Second charge is aligned and positioned at the correct standoff from bottom of hole made by first charge

Second charge is detonated, hole is extended and formation is concussively fractured or (shock-fracked)

Process is repeated until desired effect is achieved

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