Aircraft Propulsion

* Innovative Defense LLC is pursuing multiple international patents on this promising technology

This light-weight continuous or pulsed thruster has a vast number of uses and applications:

Provides a torque and vibration-free thruster for propulsion of aircraft

Facilitates fabrication of lightweight aircraft due to no rotational or vibrational forces

Engine operates using accelerated fluid principles to propel fluid through main airflow housing and main exhaust

Accelerated fluid is introduced into main airflow housing from a periphery of nozzles at an acute angle to the thruster longitudinal axis, causing air to accelerate and avoid backflow

Ability to increase nozzle angles produces more thrust from engine at high air flow speeds

Fuel supplied to combustion chambers can be in packet, solid pellet, gas or liquid form

Lightweight device allows new hybrid winged aircraft designs, lighter-than-air ships, and drones

Unrestricted airflow design of thruster reduces or eliminates damage from foreign objects flowing through engine, that would destroy most turbine engines

Pulse Jet


Pulse Jet

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