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Innovative Defense, LLC is a development stage company with significant intellectual property relating to shaped charges, oil well fracturing, and defense.

Business Overview

Innovative Defense’s disruptive shaped charge technology, which is capable of producing super caliber holes in an oil or gas recovery environment, represents a significant advancement over existing technologies. Proof of concept testing was completed in 2013, with Innovative Defense shaped charges successfully producing super caliber holes.

Company Timeline


Nicholas Collier

Professional Experience

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

Physics International

Dresser Industries


University of Houston, B.S., Mechanical Engineering


Has held multiple high-level security clearances

Holder of multiple patents

Mr. Collier serves as President of Innovative Defense, LLC and leads all product-development activities. Mr. Collier earned a reputation as one of the leading experts in the field of shaped-charge explosives for military and civilian applications. During his long career in the private sector as well as at the world-class U.S. Government labs, he conducted more explosives experiments than anyone else in the industry. With his vast experience, Mr. Collier has been able to rapidly and affordably develop and test Innovative Defense’s disruptive shaped charge technology.


David Munson Jr.

Professional Experience

Founder & President, FOI Group LLC

Owner & Operator, 4M Cattle Ranch


University of Texas at Arlington, B.S., Mechanical Engineering


Prolific inventor with multiple patents

Mr. Munson is one of the founding members of Innovative Defense, LLC and currently serves as Chairman. Mr. Munson has a long history of involvement in oil and gas as an investor and owner of mineral interests. He sees Innovative Defense’s shaped charge technology as having great potential to improve recovery in oil and gas wells. He was raised and lives in Dallas, TX and graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a mechanical engineering degree. His career has been divided between managing investments, both public and private and other business activities, including venture investing. His success in other ventures has allowed him to be the primary source of funding for Innovative Defense.

Chief Engineer

David Shawn Flatt

Professional Experience

Chief Design Engineer, FOI Group LLC

Lead Design Engineer, HAPECO Inc./Hyvair Corp.


University of Texas at Arlington, B.S., Mechanical Engineering


Expert on new product design, prototype testing, and hydraulics

Mr. Flatt serves as Project Engineer and Project Manager for Innovative Defense, LLC and is responsible for the design, patenting, production, and testing of the company’s shaped charges. He has leveraged 20 years of engineering experience in hydraulic systems and machine design to become a critical part of Innovative Defense’s product design team. Mr. Flatt has been an understudy to Nick Collier on all types of shaped charge designs and an integral part of all I.D. shaped charge experiments. For these experiments, Mr. Flatt evaluated hydrocode data, designed charges, produced manufacturing drawings, assembled charges, set up test shots, analyzed and recorded data metrics from all 38 tests, and wrote final reports, patents and presentations.

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